Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bravo Mama, Bravo

Last year I stumbled upon a blog.  

On that blog I found two of the most amazing kiddos I have ever seen.  They both had open heart surgery & as I read through all their stories I realized, oh my goodness - the little boy had open heart surgery in St. Louis!!

I e-mailed their mama thinking I probably wouldn't get a response, boy was I wrong.  She was amazing.  She answered questions, calmed my fears, and gave me very useful information I hadn't even considered.  

Her name is Courtney & I'm telling you her blog is full of wit, sass, and laughs.  It also has a lot of wonderful information & activities.  I love it.  It's one of my favorites.  And those squibs of hers are by far two of the cutest little things I have ever had the pleasure to squeeze on - yes I got to meet them in St. Louis & LOVED it!

Anyway, Jade & I have talked about inclusion in the past for Ollie.  He didn't understand it.  We always grew up with kiddos like Ollie put in a special needs classroom.  They were not integrated into our classes other than PE.  It's a different mindset to push inclusion.  I am kind of for it because after school, Ollie will be living & socializing around her peers.  It's important to have good social skills.

When I read Courtney's blog yesterday the whole time I wanted to cheer because she is so right.  I don't merely want inclusion.  I want integration.  No matter where Ollie ends up, as long as she is an integral part of her classroom & truly important to her peers.  I will be happy.

So today, I will be looking for ways to make Aubrie & Everett more integrated in our home because this doesn't just apply to Ollie, it applies to all kiddos.  Click here to read her amazingness especially if you ever deal with kids!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Annie. It is something that can be put into practice in many different circumstances and at different times in people's lives when they are going to be in a group dynamic. And this applies to everybody. Ann

  2. That Courtney is so smart. I love her too. Kiss Miss O for me today. And her sibs.

  3. Annie...I never thought there was going to be a question about integrating just seems so natural to me. I'm thinking it would not be fair for all the other children if you didn't...Ollie is going to rock their world in so many ways!

  4. well, hey. i know that blog. the kids are cute, but i think that mom might be a little crazy.

    you're the sweetest thing. i shall forward this to my husband. because of its utilization of the word "amazingness". right after i print it for my fridge. xoxoxo

  5. Live this post and love those squibs and of course Ollie!


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