Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Master Bedroom - Junktastic!

OK so my old master bedroom was hand me down furniture I had painted to match & I liked it, but it wasn't me.

Thankfully Pinterest inspired me in a big way with a project I could easily duplicate with absolutely $0.

So off I sent Jade to the concrete plant to pick up old beat up pallets & then to the car wash to clean them.

This is why he is the man....

I purchased my night stand, an old tool box, at an auction for around $30.  It has a ton of storage and it's totally my style.  Anything rusty, metal, and manly and I'm digging on it.

I scored this fabulous dresser at an auction for $85.  It was painted black on 2 sides and turquoise on the other - it was bizarre.  The inside was FILLED with mud dobbers.  After major cleaning - I painted this baby silver, and oh my I am glad I did because it's amazing!

Seriously aren't you in love with this?  It's a very heavy, old piece - what a steal!

And see that - it has a secret drawer in the middle!

Trudie got a new dog bed area & yes that sweet painting was made by yours truly.

My desk area got a small makeover.  I want to find an old metal chair instead of the turquoise floral one.  It's on my to find list.

The little metal cubbies Mom gifted and they are amazing & store a lot of jewelry making stuff!

I now feel like our master bedroom is finally a reflection of our personality and the rest of the house - hooray!


  1. Loving it! I'm drooling over that tool-box-turned-night-stand. I really need to get back to the blogging thing. I miss seeing what everyone is up too.

  2. What a cool dresser! Who would think to paint it silver? Totally works!!

  3. I love the silver on the dresser its a great piece you are so right! I love your style all the way around I appreciate something other than shabby in blog world. Totally diggin your spaces!

  4. Oh dang those pallets are junktastic!

  5. Beautiful and showing your personality! Why aren't you painting as well as jewelry on your etsy site? Just a thought!

  6. Wonderful - I never thought of using silver paint! I especially love all those greens and blues. Thanks for sharing!

  7. How DO you DO it? I really like it. Good luck finding that "perfect" chair :)

  8. I love the head on the night stand.


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