Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Eventful Night

Yesterday Miss O started to get a cold, nothing more than a barely runny nose.  No fever, no cough, nothing.

At midnight she could barely breath & was coughing like a seal.  I knew she had croup.  It was scary.

I tried a breathing treatment, I took her outside in the cold air - nothing helped.  So Jade & I took off to Effingham to the ER.  It's nights like that when I am so so thankful that Maggie lives in the basement because we didn't have to wait on someone to show up to watch the bigs - they were already in good hands.

We got to the ER and they were awesome.  They immediately took us back, did a quick eval & started a different type of medication for her breathing treatment.  She immediately started to sound a whole lot better.  They gave her a steroid shot & did some xrays for precaution & two hours later she was good to go!

After all this heart business, I would think I'd be a more calm Mommy, but when your baby can't get a good breath - you panic & I did & I prayed like I always do.

Today she goes to her pediatrician.  Fortunately we already had an appointment scheduled for today for her 9 month well baby checkup - can you believe she's 9 months old!?!  So he will check her out and make sure we are good to go!

I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter for our family!


  1. :( Hate those midnight ER trips. Glad all is ok! (Don't feel bad, I am a heart mommy too and I panic every time!)

  2. I remember those scary times when mine were little...thankful your precious girl is better this morning....blessings

  3. How scary for you & Jade! So thankful that it's all working out, though. Get some rest today!

  4. Beautiful girl! So glad you are ok!

  5. Poor baby :( So glad she is OK and will pray she feels better soon!

  6. Oh scary. Glad she's at home and hope she is better soon.

  7. Awww, look at her little self. So glad she's alright now. I don't blame you for being scared.

  8. When your baby is sick you have every right to panic. glad she is doing better

  9. Thank you Dear Lord for protecting that sweet girl!

  10. Glad to hear that baby Ollie is doing better. I also remember how scary having little one's can be, and they have no way of telling us where they hurt or what they need. My husband and I made many a trip to the ER with our 4 when they all were younger...and older too.

    It is hard to believe that Ollie is 9 months old already. These month's have just flown by so dang fast.

    Have you all in my prayers Annie. GOD BLESS!


  11. Poor little seal. I'm so glad you both caught your breath!


Thank you so much for your kind words & support! I love hearing from you & read each and every comment you leave for me! ~Annie


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