Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kris with a K or Ch? That is the question!

I won a small battle recently.  Jade has agreed to not find out the sex of our baby until delivery!  I am shocked because he's very stubborn, but obviously he loves me and so I twisted his arm and he gave in!

Right now I'm 16 weeks!  Exciting huh!

Since we aren't finding out the sex, we haven't nailed down the perfect name yet either.  We keep mulling it over.  We have some pretty good ideas, but nothing solid yet.  We also may keep that a secret until delivery when we do pick a name.

This is driving my sister, Maggie, crazy.  She feels she must know everything.  To me this makes the secret game even more enjoyable!  I am mean like that.  So in the meantime her and Abbie have named my baby.  Now my kids have nicknames.  Nothing fancy or original, but Aubrie was Aubbie Gs and now mainly Sis.  Everett was Bubby and now just Bubba.  Maggie's daughter, Caroline, has always been called Bean.

My baby - since the sex is unknown - is Kris or Chris.  So to all those out there with the name - so sorry if I cause offense, but my sisters did it to me.  They deemed that a unisex name was fully appropriate & that is all they call the baby right now.  They call it Kris like it's in my arms & named that for real.  Whenever I see them they ask how Kris is.  It cracks me up, and I half wonder - when this baby arrives - will we still call it Kris?

P.S. - This past Friday, September 3rd, Kris started kicking.   I had to throw that in there since this is also my family journal & I have no memory or baby book yet to write this down - this gives me written proof of this date.  So far I just feel tiny pokes, but Jade swears maybe I just have gas as if this is my first rodeo - men are kind aren't they!


  1. you are so hateful! seriously we have to wait til FEBRUARY for a NAME?! this ridiculous!

  2. Too funny...your poor sisters. I bet the suspense is killing them! I think it really is cute though. At least they don't keep saying "IT" I hated that during my pregnancies before I knew.

  3. K to the R to the I to the S! Doesn't matter to me anymore, as long as I have something to call that baby I'm happy. I also do not like to call a baby "it"

  4. Kris isn't too bad...just think...they could've gone with "Pat."


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