Monday, September 6, 2010

I heart Turquoise

I got out the fall decor this weekend & one place I had to change it up was in the bedroom.  I had a gorgeous floral quilt out, but it was too seasonal to last through the fall & winter.

A trip to Walmart and about $35 later I had a makeover. 

I purchased two turquoise shams & two fabulous zebra pillows on clearance.  I swapped out my floral print on the left with an Abbie original of a Fox.  That's my maiden name so anything with a Fox & I dig it!

I flipped over the floral quilt to the white side so we had additional warmth at night.  Then I topped off the bed with a clearance Walmart throw.

It was a quick flip & I'm happy with the look.  I wanted to pull out the turquoise to match my desk & other turquoise accents and it did that perfectly and on a small budget.

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  1. Hey Annie, your pictures aren't coming up or is it just my computer??


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