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Disney Advice

So we are packing up & heading out this fall to my most favorite place on Earth - Disney.  I am counting down the weeks!  Since I have been at my job (nearly 5 years), I have never went on a vacation more than a 4 day weekend.  I am ready to get out and enjoy Disney for all it's worth, some Cocoa Beach, & some down time. 

We're staying in 2 condos with my entire family.  That's right 8 adults & 3 kids - should be entertaining & yes we have a harness for Everett already - just in case.  If you think that is terrible - you'd totally understand if Everett was your son!!

I already have autographed books purchased & Mickey ears with their names on them.  I think taking our own "souvenirs" from Wal-Mart and handing them to the kids rather than even attempting stores at Disney is a cheaper & way better option.  We also are going to book a character meal & from my research Chef Mickey's is the place (considering we have a boy that is not so much into princesses).

Any other suggestions tips - must sees & must avoids?

Oh and yes we are flying (woo hoo) & I'll be hugely pregnant so the hideous Shape Up shoes that my sisters fondly tease me for will be on my feet the entire trip.  They don't shape up my legs unfortunately, but dang they feel good on my feet & hips that feel like a rocket may shoot out of my lady parts any given time of day.


  1. You

    Well, I am the well-versed Disney traveler, as we know...but I don't know where to begin with advice!! I am going to tell you about the obscure things I like rather than the obvious that everyone knows about.

    The souvenirs from home is a great idea, I do a little of that for my nieces and nephews, too. But the stores are soooo much fun!! So at least go in by yourself just to experience them. The World of Disney store in Downtown Disney has everything is one place. It is HUGE. One store shopping, really.

    Ummm...eating in Germany over in Epcot is a blast. They play all this crazy live polka type music while you eat and the kids go crazy out on the dance floor, and everyone eating sings along, its super fun and very "non-Disney" for when you need a break from that. It is a buffet and the food is FANTASTIC!

    If this kids would like their pics taken with the characters, Epcot always seems to be the least crowded. I believe the brochure tells you who will be where and when.

    Oh, and the live Beatles show that is outside in England in Epcot is fabulous! Again, kids dancing everywhere and it is amazing how much they look and sounds like the Beatles. They don't sing only Beatles songs, just so you know. Soooo worth seeing! Oh, and of course everything I am mentioning is free.

    And oh-my-god I can't forget this. This is my #1 favorite thing to get to eat at Disney. (Oh, but you have to like Pineapple) Dole brand has a little walk up place there that sells what they call Dole Whip. It is pineapple ice cream and I get mine in a float where instead of rootbeer, they use Pineapple juice. I get one about every day because apparently this is a Disney exclusive and you can't get it anywhere else. Seriously, you have to try it. It is unreal.

    I'll email you as I think of more things, too.

    Did you still want that sign? Sorry, I have just been crazy insane busy here and it is in storage with my JB stuff. I should be able to dig it out this week...hopefully.


  2. That's a good idea to get stuff outside of Disney, the stuff they have in the park is so expensive. When I go with my family we spend a separate day at Downtown Disney, which is free to get into, it's only shops and it's more fun at night usually. They have movie promo's, people singing etc.
    I would see a show or two, that would be a nice sit down break and possible nap for the kids. Also I know they have these at Disneyland, I'm sure they do at Disneyworld too but they have huge lockers you can buy and put all of your stuff in. They aren't that expensive but you can fit so much stuff in there, like hoodies, small coolers with drinks for the day, or if you take your lunch etc.
    Oh and I think the back pack harness thing for Ev is a good idea, I'm all for those things.

  3. Well, I've been living in Orlando/Disney World for 30 years now. We used to have seasonal passes when the kids were young so we were lucky to not have to do everything in one day.

    Dole Whips are a definite good tip - saw that above. Yum.

    We always rode the choo-choo first thing around the Magic Kingdom. Never crowded and it got us to the back of the park first where most of the small kid rides are. Always better to start at the back and work forward. If you can miss the parades, that is a good time to go on popular rides. Bring your own snacks and kid drinks. A good, somewhat cheap souvenir and fun thing for the kids was a disney hat (which you may have already purchased) and then collecting pins from different areas of the park. Park workers will also trade pins with the kids.

    If you go to Animal Kingdom, do the jeep ride first - it gets ridiculously long lines as the day goes on.

    Disney Hollwood is my favorite. The shows are great. The Indiana Jones stunt show is loud, so warn the kids or skip it! Do not miss the Muppet 3D show! The Little Mermaid is so fun (my friend's daughter is Ariel), Beauty and the Beast show is a delight of color. At Animal Kingdom the Nemo show is absolutely great. Nice thing about the shows is you can cool off and not stand in line.

    Have fun. Please ask me any questions, I'm not an expert - haven't even been out there in a couple of years but I'm jealous of your trip with young kids - it will be terrific and you are picking a good time of year to come - not so hot. Also, condo at Cocoa - great idea! You can get away from the craziness a bit.

    One last thing my kids always enjoyed and we could go free anytime was the petting zoo at Fort Wilderness Campground. They also have a great Character Dinner (maybe breakfast?). I would bring strollers for any child 5 and under - they get so tired and you move quicker. If you are weary because of your pregnancy you could rent a wheelchair and child could sit on lap.(that will get you to the front of a lot of lines as well). We used strollers up to age 5 - good place to store stuff as well. Okay, I see I have written a book, sorry...

  4. I have been readng your blog as a "lurker" for several months. Just thought I would chime in with a few Disney tips as well.

    We go several times a year and LOVE it! I'm bummed we don't have a trip planned until next April with my daughters cheer team for Cheerleading Worlds (if they make it of course.)

    I third the Dole Whip. I love it in the float. It is SO good!

    For character meals you can book 180 days in advance. If you have not already booked "Chef Mickeys" have a few back ups. This is one of the hardest reservations to get if you do not book on the 180 day mark. Our favorite character meal (besides all of the princesses of course) is Hollywood and Dine at Hollywood studios. It is Play House Disney characters. Get the last seating if you can and it is almost empty. You will get tons of 1 on 1 time with the characters. Tusker House at Animal kingdom is my fav. Yum!

    I also suggest freezing bottled water and keeping it in the bottom of your stroller to drink all day. We pack plenty of healty snacks and keep them on hand as well.

    I also love seeing the characters at Epcot. You go into an air conditioned building and stand in line to see many of the characters at once. We saw Mickey with Minnie, Donald with Daisy, Goofy and Pluto. Each character played with my daughter and we got a ton of great pics. We never felt rushed. We also loved the Woody and Buzz at Hollywood Studios. They were great and spent almost 10 minutes with my daughter since she brought her Woody doll with her. Too cute!

    We always go to "Mickey's Toontown Fair" to meet Mickey during Wishes since my daughter hates fireworks. We have never had to wait in line and several times Mickey and Minnie were together. Our last trip Mickey and Minnie spent a long time playing with my daughter and her Minnie Doll. They played ring around the rosies, Mickey kissed her and Minnie got mad etc... It was so cute and really made my daughter feel special.

    If your kids can handle fireworks I would suggest trying to stay for Wishes to see Tink fly from the top of the Castle. Fantasmic was also great. Even my firework hater loved it. Totally worth the wait in line!

    If you will be there during "Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Party" spend the extra money and go. Don't do a park that day. Hit the pool, let the kids nap and go to the MK in the evening. After the first parade is over the park clears out and it's so wonderful! Charaters are dressed in costumes and they are everywhere interacting with the kids. The ride lines are short and the temp is so nice.

    Just remember to go slow and have fun. You can't do everything and you can't make everyone happy. Rest when the kids need it and don't try to push them. I was that mom on our last trip with my kid freaking out on the last day because she was exhausted. I felt so bad for her.

    Have fun! I wish we had a trip planned sooner. I love Disney:)

  5. When my kids were younger (much younger, I'm sad to say), we took our own autograph books. If you think they'd like to collect autographs, then make or purchase one before you go. Have loads of fun!


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