Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm going to share an Everett story today because honestly he has some hum dingers!
I wish I had videoed this conversation because he is by far the most animated person I know.  He talks with his eyebrows, shoulders, and hands most of the time & a high pitched voice - it's awesome!
So the other night he was in the bath tub with Aubrie going on and on and on about some kid Pooper that knocked down his friend Riley at recess in Kindergarten.
(meet my new nephew Clifford Stuart - born 9-9-12 a whopping 10lbs. 14oz. - whoa baby!)
I walked in with the speech we don't call people names.  It is absolutely not OK to be calling someone Pooper.  How would you feel if they were calling you a name like that, etc. etc.
Dead serious, he's like Mom but his name IS Pooper!!
No Everett that can't be his name.
Yes Mom even the teachers call him Pooper.
Everett then his name has to be Cooper.  Cooper with a C like CAT.
He starts the deep belly hysterical laugh and says - you mean  he's named after a cat.  That is so funny Mommy.
Yep - Pooper is a totally normal name but Cooper spelled with a c like the word cat - that is hysterical!  He slays me!
And for the Ollie Faith fan club...here she is 19 months old - with a full out crazy bed head.


  1. Died laughing! While, kinda, since my son's name is Cooper and I am praying no kids call him Pooper! (Especially with his Crohn's disease. And he poops. A lot. Oh dear. ;))

  2. Haha:) oh and your little Ollie is a doll!!

  3. LOL thats adorable.


  4. I know you are now settled on my new side of the country! So fun! Love this story, I know you will be looking for that kid at Open House night! Miss Ollie. I love your bed head! Ann

  5. Too cute! And wow, nearly 11lbs of baby!? Ouch!

    Way to go on the weightloss too! You sound so happy in that more recent post! Yay!


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