Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vegas Baby!

This handsome man has taken on my couples challenge.

Challenge accepted!

The two of us are taking a couples only trip.  The first real vacation longer than a weekend get away post kids - and we've been married 8 years!!

We are going to the bright lights of Vegas.

I have a Beachbody convention & he's tagging along to hang with his favorite gal.  The thought of poolside with fellow Beachbody coaches has him in the throws of whey protein shakes & lean protein - 9 months of my transformation & hubby is on board.

Wish us luck.  He's been kicking butt with the free weights & I've been kicking his butt with cardio. 
Don't tell him - I secretly like smoking him.


  1. He will always be man pretty. That he has in the bag.

  2. okay here's something for you: My husband and I said we would do P90X together (btw does Tony EVER STOP TALKING?!?!) Anyway, I have sort a break because my dear husband will not stop rotating between CHEST AND BACK, Plyometrics and LEGS. Seriously.
    I mean, can I hit him with a frying pan?


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