Monday, April 16, 2012

Because She’s Famous

You guys are hooked on this girl in a bad way.  Like addicts - you are in love with her.

And I have been mistreating you.  I know, I know how unfair.  Are you having withdrawls???

You want to know what she's up to...

Well she can rock a sweet new pony.  And I've been fighting off the boys with sticks because let's face it - she's a keeper!


She has also sprouted a mouthful of teeth.  One week she had 2.  The next she had croup, a double ear infection, and six new teeth.  Now she's working on 2 more.  A grand total  of 10 teeth in a month.  Yes that was one hellacious month.


She can stand up and lean against the couch & thinks it's hilarious.  She's working on crawling on all 4s.  She still does the inch worm but gets on her knees more so that's a bonus.  She's completely weaned & takes a bottle & a sippy cup.  She REFUSES to let me feed her at all.  She is stubborn.  SUPER stubborn already.  She has decided that she will feed herself & so she does.  She eats all kinds of food - remember the 10 teeth.  She says Dada constantly.  We work on Mama constantly.  Remember she's stubborn - well then she pats me and says Dada again and laughs.  She's dancing.  She's signing some words.  She's getting big and toddler-ish.

She's a riot.  She laughs hard & makes everyone else laugh too.  She's just fantastic in every sense of the word.

Perez Hilton needs to put her on his radar because girlfriend is taking the world by storm one day at a time!

PS - ignore the dirty bib - when you sling food in your mouth like a muppet it's bound to make every bib you own look disgustingly piggish.

~Annie Reid


  1. Apparently we need to come visit again soon so that some of that independence will rub off on my girl, who is perfectly content to let everyone do everything FOR her. lol
    Way to grow Ollie! :)

  2. Ollie, I love your ponytail. You keep those family members of yours on their toes now - no slacking! Ten teeth, I can only imagine what kind of month that was Annie. Pretty soon Ollie will be doing those exercise videos with you and whooping hiney! So great. Ann

  3. That face is delicious! What a cutie!

  4. She is as adorable as ever.



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