Saturday, March 3, 2012


When Aubrie was 2 1/2 I brought home a kitten to her. 

This kitten was COVERED in fleas and just in terrible shape.  So I gave him a bath, fed him, cleaned him up, and named in Carl.

Within 2 days, Carl was on his death bed.  He was seriously a hot mess & yes he died & no one wants to know that story...  So we told Aubrie what any parent would - he went to live in the woods.

Yes - we lie to our kids.  Who doesn't?

Aubrie has never, ever, forgotten about Carl.  Her memory is like a steel trap.

This spring a yellow and white cat started prowling around our house because my Dad gave us, yes that's right, count it 3 cats in addition to our other 2 - so we have 5 outdoor cats!  Ruby (conveniently named by my kids the same as my mother in law) is not fixed.  So this man cat is in the market for a hot new feline.

And surprise - magically the kids think Carl has resurfaced from the woods.  Aubrie is thrilled & the lie remains intact.

So - if anyone wants some kittens this spring - this chick will probably have some from Carl, who has also been spotted on this seasons series of The Survivor - ha!


  1. Love reading your blog, and please don't take offense, but you really need to have your animals neutered and spayed.

  2. No offense taken. I agree. She is the only one of 5 that is not fixed. After this spring thats the plan.

    1. I'm glad you weren't offended by my comment and kind of hated myself for even posting it. It makes me so sad, though, to hear and read about all the animals at animal shelters that are euthanized every year due to over-population. I rescued one of my dogs from death row and can't help but think of all the others that didn't get taken to a forever home. (Another dog I have was a stray my son finally picked up off the street after seeing him run around loose for a couple weeks. And I'll cop to buying myself a shih tzu when I retired.) I hope all continues to go so well for your lovely family. Blessings.

  3. She has the same memory as my Blake...he often starts a story with "remember 4 years ago when I was 3...." um, I didn't, but thanks for reminding me...

  4. Annie, if I lived up in your area, I'd snap up one of the kitties in an instant. I had to laugh because we always called and still call our 23 year old daughter, "The Steel Trap" because she always remembered everything and never let us get away with anything. Still does. Those Steep Traps live forever. Ann

  5. get the cats fixed!!


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