Friday, May 30, 2014

Lucy Claudette

We had to put down our beloved pug this spring.  She was having some major health issues and living in pain.  It was terribly hard.  She became mine when I was 20.  I adopted her from an abusive home. She slept with me all through college and was our first baby.  She welcomed all our babies home and was the best dog ever for kids!

We still miss Trudie Claudette!

I didn't think we'd get another dog, but the kids were certain the Easter Bunny was bringing a puppy.  So I searched high and low and found this girl - a Boston Terrier!

I picked her up and officially became the #bestmomever!!

Her name is Lucy Claudette.  She's 5 months old this next week.  I thought I was getting a dog for my kids - truth is I got a dog for myself.  I absolutely love this girl! 

She's super sweet, doesn't shed, sleeps in my bed, and spoons me all night!  Plus her nose is freckled - I love it!  Life is good with Lucy.

Plus, I get to say "I Love Lucy" all the time - that is worth it right?!  Yep I think so!


  1. Congratulations on your newest family member. She's a cutie! I have a labradoodle named Oliver that just turned four months old yesterday. Oh, what fun!

  2. Haha, love it Annie! It's so hard to put a loved pet down...

  3. I love Lucy too! I had to laugh when you said she spoons you. I have one of those too-the best back warmer! Lucy's freckled nose is adorable, I love it. How come all your kids, fur or no fur are so cute? Ann


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