Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Filthy Kids

Recently my sister, Maggie, caught her two little girls glue-handed.  They had applied glue stick to their lips like chapstick, their arms, legs, and the entire tv as well.  Their palms were nearly glued together.

My nieces:  Penelope (2), Caroline (4)

I was in hysterics picturing her walking into them covered in purple, dries clear glue!  And thinking paybacks are a B.  Which is funny because she lived with me while Everett was a full-blown hellyun & I'm sure she thought thank God my kids aren't like him - haha now she knows Penelope is him in a shrunken girl version!

But what was funnier was the Facebook conversation that ensued - the be thankful your kids never...

And it went something like this:

left a half eaten chicken leg behind your tv cabinet...
painted your house with yellow paint pen...
spray painted your brand new navy work truck with yellow spray paint...

Can you guess which one of the above was Everett????

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