Thursday, February 7, 2013

Turning 2...

Seriously, time flies!  Ollie Faith turns 2 on the 10th.

It seems like yesterday I was huge pregnant, and scared to death of what our future would be.  I was on an emotional roller coaster I am thankful to be off of.

Today our present is beautiful.  She is healthy, happy, and filled with pure joy.

She is walking now & has a vocabulary of about 50 words, sounds, & sign language signs.  She has mild delays in just about every area, but that gives her goals & determination to push through life.

Like typical toddlers, she gets mad at her siblings & constantly is yelling out "Everett!"

She sleeps all night, rip shags all day, and eats as much as we will feed her.  She plays hard and laughs harder.  She still cuddles and pats your back.  She likes to sing & give high fives.  And if you say hi to her she always says bye back!

She has big goals to match up with her peers before she starts pre-school next February, but the truth is I think her peers will have to work to match up with her because what girlfriend lacks in one area she has been gifted in another area ten fold!

She is spectacular, and we are truly blessed.  Thanks be to God for creating perfection where most see imperfection!


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  2. Happy early birthday to our lil buddy! Welcome tothe equally terrible and terrific two's!!! Love youboth. xoxoxo Heidi and Liddy

  3. I loved your last sentence! Beautiful!

  4. She's perfection indeed ! We are blessed!

  5. Happy birthday, Ollie! Such a big girl!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little angel...she is adorable....blessings

  7. She is mega FAB! So proud of you girl for pushing through the tough times to show people what perfection looks like! God has blessed your family in big ways and Ollie Faith is changing lives and perspectives everyday! I love you all, give that sweet girl a happy birthday hug from me and Bella!

  8. Love these pictures and love the words even more. Ollie has given many of us the gift of knowledge and wonder as we follow her progress. You go Miss O! Ann

  9. {{{{BIG BIRTHDAY HUG!}}}}}}} Almost forgot! Ann

  10. Happy Birthday Ollie Faith!!

    Adorable your new header. :)

  11. Belated HaPPy BIrThDAy, Ollie Faith!


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