Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't be rash...

Sweet girl has a mystery rash. 
It's spreading like wildfire & there is now rash-onal reason why.  No new detergents, foods, drinks, antibiotics, fevers, colds going on - absolutely nothing.  Everyone has placed their best bet - they have all lost because it's just simply a rashy virus.
The pediatrician gave her some orapred & is on call all weekend if said rash worsens.  She looks like hell, but is her happy, easy self...until said steroids kick in.
Pray for her that it stops spreading & starts clearing up.  It's currently much worse than the picture above taken this morning.  Yikes I know!


  1. Yeesh. I hope it goes away soon. :)

    Meredith had that urticaria for months on & off. Started with a virus & just never went away.

  2. Did they do a strep test? My friend's son gets a rash a day or so before the sore throat....

  3. That's happened to Russell before too. Mysterious rash covering his entire body for no reason...It went away in a day or two. Hopefully it passes soon and Ollie is ok.


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