Friday, January 20, 2012

One More Day of Play

When we bought our tickets it was buy one day get the 2nd free at rightfully so we took advantage.

We saw some things we didn't get to see the first day.

The kids are always in love with the dolphin tank!

Teeny tiny is always in love with her chicken.

It was a nice paced day.

We are all sad. 

Tomorrow morning the kids get to swim then we are packing up and heading back to reality.

We have some loved ones at home that we want to kiss on, but man we wish we could stay another week!

These kids & my husband are just far too much fun for one week of vacation!!

Until we meet again - Florida we love ya!


  1. just think...only 6 weeks until I come visit!!!! It'll be every bit as magical as Disney, I swear lmao!


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